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Promo for EL's | Moving F4rward


  1. Each EL member is entitled to get Raffle coupons when:
    - he/she buys any of the Easy Livelihood or Consumer Packages
    - the EL he/she refers buys any of the Easy Livelihood or Consumer Packages

  2. No. of tickets as follows:
    Package Options # of Tickets
    P50,000 15
    P25,000 10
    P10,000 5
    P5,000 3
  3. Color-coded tickets
    Pink - for P50,000 Package
    Green - for P25,000, P10,000 and P5,000 Packages
    Pink Raffle Tickets are eligible to win BOTH
    Major and Minor Prizes. ONLY PINK tickets are eligible to win the major prizes.
  • • Green Tickets can only win the minor prizes
  • • An EL can only win ONCE. Should his name win two prizes, only the bigger prize will be given.
  • • EL Package bought should be immediately pulled out
  • • Promo Period: August 17 - October 31, 2011
  • • Raffle Date: First week of November
  • • Prizes and other details are subject to change without prior notice
Souce: http://www.wheatgrasscan.com/promo/easy_livelihood

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