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Get free fuel with a new Shell Citibank Card

Gas up for free with your new Shell Citibank Card! Get this as your first Citibank Credit
Card and enjoy a welcome gift that is suited to your need. Receive up to P1,500 worth
of free fuel with an approved Shell Citibank Card.

To claim your free fuel, make an accumulated purchase of at least P2,000 within 60
days from receiving your new card. The fuel rebate will be automatically credited. A
new Shell Citibank Gold card comes with P1,500 fuel rebates and P500 for the Shell
Citibank Classic card. Apply until October 31 to enjoy this offer.

This motoring card is loaded on rebates that do not expire. You get 5% rebate on Shell
fuels, toll load purchases and auto service, parts and repair charges. As you earn
P1,000 worth of rebates, the amount is credited on the next billing statement.

Charge your everyday purchases such as supermarket, dining, shopping and travel
expenses as well as your utility bills to earn more rebates. Accumulate at least P10,000
spend in every billing statement to get the 5% rebate. If you spend below P10,000,
continue to enjoy a 3% rebate on Shell fuel purchases.

To apply for a Shell Citibank Card, call the Citibank Sales Hotline at 423-3000 (Metro
Manila), 234-9999 (Metro Cebu), and 1 800 10 995-9999 (toll free), or visit Citibank
Online (www.citibank.com.ph).

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