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Apple's iPad Mini Brackets Microsoft's Surface In The Tablet Media War

Apple's iPad Mini Brackets Microsoft's Surface In The Tablet Media War - Forbes

So now we know the date of Apple’s next launch, Tuesday October 23rd, and everything is pointing towards the announcement of the iPad Mini. Of course many in the Cupertino-watching industry were expecting an announcement last week. Why go for a date later in the month?

First of all, the Occam’s Razor approach is simply that earlier in October wasn’t right for Apple and they needed another week or two to be ready. That could simply be a logistics issue, an area of the software or production that needed a few more days testing to sign off, or perhaps this the plan all along – to gain extra publicity from the earlier date and feed this into the increasing hype around the iPad Mini.

Be it co-incidence, contingency, or careful planning, the 23rd of October is a very useful date for the success of Apple’s diminutive tablet. It’s going to occupy a lot of column inches, covering the launch, reporting on the first few journalists who get review units, discussions over the pricing and the strategy, and that is going to take a lot of the oxygen out of the tech circles. Apple would gain this coverage any point in October, so this isn’t a case of the PR team making sure there are no competing stories. In fact it’s the complete opposite. Apple has rolled up a very loud truck onto Microsoft’s media lawn.

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