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Jack Madrid

E-commerce leader searches for the country’s best original ideas.

Multiply, the Philippines’ and Southeast Asia’s largest online shopping site is searching for the best original
products, ideas and concepts among its merchants in the Philippines. Three local Multiply merchants with
outstanding creativity and originality will be given the Multiply Origination Awards, a recognition of excellence and
creativity among the growing community of entrepreneurs who have found new and exciting ways to market their
products in the e-commerce space.

“This is the first and only search campaign in the Philippines that recognizes original ideas in the e-commerce
space,” said Multiply Philippines country manager Jack Madrid. “Multiply has been the home of Filipino online
entrepreneurs, and witness to the inventiveness and ingenuity of Filipino internet merchants, and our platform has
been host to some of the most original products we have ever seen; it is only appropriate that we recognize our
talented and creative Merchants,” he continued.

Multiply has been a long-standing supporter of the Filipino entrepreneur by providing a level playing field, where
any original business idea can thrive and find success alongside established brands. As the thought leader in
Philippine e-commerce, the Origination Awards is a testament to Multiply’s commitment to provide continuous
support and inspiration to creative and original Filipino entrepreneurs.

There will be three categories for the competition: Best Fashion-Forward Idea, Best Gourmand Idea and Best
Mommy Management Idea. Ten finalists from each category will be shortlisted among nominations. In the last leg
of the Awards, the winners of the Origination Awards for each category shall be determined by a panel of judges
consisting of authorities in the world of entrepreneurship and e-commerce, combined with the results of online
public voting.

Multiply started out as a social networking site in 2004 where people shared their photos, videos and blog entries.
In 2007, Philippine entrepreneurs saw the opportunity to promote their businesses and sell using the Multiply
platform, paving the way for what we now know as the new Multiply Marketplace.

In 2011, Multiply adopted a new platform designed to give entrepreneurs access to real e-commerce tools and
solutions. Among these are:

(1) The Product Listing, which allows merchants to present their items in a captivating manner and buyers to
purchase them most conveniently, providing a better online shopping experience;

(2) A virtual shopping cart that enables customers to buy from several different merchants and then pay in a
single transaction;

(3) Multiple payment options such as credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, JCB), PayPal, Mobile Payments
(Gcash, Smart Money) and over-the-counter bank payments;

(4) A Stock Room that provides merchants with an easier way to track their operations, including sales, finances
and more;

(5) Order summaries, inventory management, and disbursal summary for a more systematized documentation;

(6) A Buyer Protection Program, which guarantees every purchase made from a merchant with a Trusted

The three winners of the Multiply Origination Award will receive an Online Business Package worth P200,000 that
would include site enhancements, a customized store front and advertising support to promote their existing
online business.

The Origination Awards is open to all active Multiply merchants with Trusted Badges. To learn more
about the Multiply Origination Awards, and to nominate products that you think truly deserve to be
recognized for their originality and innovation, visit origination.multiply.com. For inquiries, please contact



Multiply.com is the biggest e-commerce site in Southeast Asia, carrying items from 16 product categories. Multiply launched its
Philippine operations in August 2011, and today, it has 5.5 million users and 130,000 merchants in the country. On December 1,
2012, Multiply will complete its transition into an e-commerce platform in response to its growing number of online sellers and

Its advanced customization features have attracted a continually growing number of big and small clients who have found many
uses for the site beyond creating virtual storefronts for their businesses.


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