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Breast Feeding is the Best Way of Birth Control?

Yes it is. Breading feeding is the best way to control of pregnancy.

Photo courtesy of care2.com
Now that your bundle of joy has come, it’s time to snuggle up with that new-baby smell and settle into being a mom. Between that and dealing with the effects of sleep deprivation—going to the grocery store in pajamas, falling into bed right after dinner, and drooling in public—you’ve got enough to worry about without stressing about birth control. Unfortunately, as some celebrities may have learned the hard way, it’s possible to get pregnant again really soon after having a baby.

A break is definitely the best thing for your body right after a pregnancy, but if you’re not exclusively breastfeeding in a very particular way, you can ovulate (or release an egg) as soon as three weeks after birth. So what’s a new mom to do? For starters, I’d recommend looking into the IUD, the implant or the shot for birth control. All three of these methods are low-maintenance, effective, safe for new moms, and totally fine to use while breastfeeding.


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