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Happenings: More or Less 1.5M expected to witness

SOME 1.5-million people are expected to witness the Dinagyang Festival starting  January 25 to 27, 2013, according to tourism officer Benito Jimena.

Jimena, after confirming the arrival of delegations from abroad including the ambassadors from Greece, Turkey, Australia, Germany, Korea and France, said that President Benigno Aquino III along with top government officials are also expected to see the Kasadyahan in January 26 and Dinagyang Ati-atihan in January 27. Jimena said other foreign delegations are expected to arrive from New York and Guam, and from Queensland, Australia.


This year’s celebration will also feature an authentic “ati” group culled from Nagpana, Barotac Viejo and Anilao, Iloilo to present a dance exhibition of their own culture. The group will have 60 dancing warriors and 30 drummers headed by tribe manager Enoch Valencia of the National Commission of Indigenous People (NCIP).

Jimena said the Iloilo Dinagyang Foundation will subsidize the expenses of the ati group as a corporation social responsibility (CSR) of the foundation in providing the needs of the indigenous people.
He said the foundation is planning to award educational scholarships to some ati children including projects on the protection of the environment in their community.

Source: Sunstar

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