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Now HP Confirms Slow Start for Windows 8

An HP executive late last week confirmed what we’ve now known for months: Microsoft’s latest client OS, Windows 8, is off to a slower than expected start. Speaking on behalf of the world’s largest PC maker, HP executive vice president Todd Bradley discussed what happened, and why he thinks things will get better.
“It was a slower start than many people expected,” Mr. Bradly told Bloomberg, responding to a question about whether poor PC sales over the holidays means that consumers don’t really want Windows 8.


 “But as we’ve gone through January and looked at retail sales week-to-week, and our web sales week-to-week, we see continued momentum and continued growth. The combination of a very new experience, a very touch-driven experience, and lots of [device] choices over the holidays … [the slow start] is not to be unexpected.”
While it’s no longer debatable that Windows 8 is selling more slowly than expected, and at a pace that trails that of its predecessor, it wasn’t always so. I was the first to sound the alarm, though when I exclusively revealed that Windows 8 was selling much more slowly than Microsoft’s internal estimates, some critics insisted it was too soon to judge.
Read more: http://www.windowsitpro.com/article/paul-thurrotts-wininfo/hp-confirms-slow-start-windows-8-145129

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