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BUKO PANDAN SALAD  (Filipino Shredded Young Coconut & Pandan Jelly Dessert)

Photo: Busog! Sarap!

200ml thickened cream
1 box (95g) Pandan Gulaman (Sweetened)
1 1/2 cup Buko (shredded young coconut)
1/2 cup + 2 tbspn condensed milk
1-2 tspn Pandan essence

1/4 cup uncooked mini Sago Pearls
3 cups water

Procedures (Click here)


  • I listed the Pandan essence as 1-2 tspn as different brand of essence have varying strength.  My advice is place 1 tspn first, give the mixture a good stirring, taste and see if you need that additional second tspn.
  • I’ve used frozen shredded Buko for this recipe ~1x pkt (454g), once the packet has been defrosted, drain out the liquid.
  • Pandan Gulaman/Jelly, mini Sago Pearls & frozen Buko are readily available in any Filipino Grocery Stores near you, give them a call first to make sure they stock these products.
  • Shredded Buko (Young Coconut Meat) is totally different from Shredded Niyog/Coconut (Matured Coconut Meat). 


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