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Windows 8 Upgrade Prices Set to Rise in February: Microsoft Warns (RP)

Microsoft alerts PC users that they have one last chance to upgrade to Windows 8 at deeply discounted prices. The software maker also laid to rest the notion that an Apple-like OS pricing strategy was Redmond's future.


A Windows 8 price hike is approaching, and users have only until the end of the month to take advantage of low-cost Windows 8 upgrades.
In a bid to spur demand and build excitement for its new tablet-ready, touch-enabled operating system, Microsoft announced last summer that for a limited time, Windows 8 upgrades would cost $39.99 for Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 users. The deal even undercut the Windows 7 Home Premium launch promotion of $49 upgrades.
Now, time is running out and hopes are dimming that Microsoft would follow Apple's long-established policy favoring inexpensive operating system upgrades. Read More...

Source: eweek.com

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