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Where to go in Urbiztondo San Juan, La Union?

When you have plans to go out this summer, you have to consider the following:

1. Budget - Of course budget is really important when travelling. Consider mo na yan. kasi if you don't have money... Lahhhh work work muna at ipon-ipon din.

2. Accommodation - When you book a hotel or an accommodation it should be accessible, budget friendly, with FREE Wi-Fi (if really needed), and safe. These are the things you have to consider.

3. Food - Hala! Always ask their best seller meal or before ka pa magtravel "make sure na-google mo na" kung ano ang best food in town. Kasi, sometimes mayroong mga manloloko pero hindi naman pala 'yun and d'best! Parang sa love life lang, paaasahin ka lang pero friend zoned ka lang...

Top Place and Instagrammable Restaurants in Urbiztondo La Union

1. Flotsam and Jetsam Hostel San Juan La Union

2. Del Moral Beach Cottages

3. Tagpuan San Juan La Union

4. El Navi Surftown La Union

5. Kahuna Beach Resort San Juan La Union

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