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2018 is about to end. Fiscally speaking our country has gone so many ups and downs this year, well mostly down if you based it on the number of people who became more concerned with the way the economy is going. It seems most Filipinos were anxious about the high oil prices, high inflation rates, a rapidly depreciating peso and the economy in general.

But bright prospects are seen for next year. In fact, the bright news is underway at the beginning of Q4 2018 according to Sun Life Market Outlook 2019 as presented by Sun Life Financial Chief Investment Officer Mike Enriquez. In the report, market investors can look forward to a slowing of inflation rates, a slowly gaining Philippine Peso and getting stronger GDP along with other tailwind factors that are expected to help the market progress. Moreover, the positive market driver with Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) at the helm has turned hawkish.

Sun Life report statistics showed that Peso is expected to be stronger, taking cues from the BSP for direction. The peso will end at 53 this year and will appreciate slightly to 52.3 in next year and 51.5 by 2020. For GDP, its growth will remain strong, with at least 6.3% for last quarter of 2018. Lastly, foreign inflows will return as inflation improves, with reserve requirement cuts resuming 2019 after inflation has normalized.

The Philippines may still have a challenging market condition but with all the gathered data from the Sun Life report, investors are seen to be in a relatively upbeat mood and are ready and eager to increase and achieve their financial goals. One of their financial goals is to look for an investment that is time-based or based on their desired date.

Did you know that Sun Life Asset Management Company, Inc. (SLAMCI), a subsidiary of Sun Life Financial may soon make this possible with its new offering – the Sun Life Prosperity Achiever Funds? A first in the industry, the Achiever Funds are a suite of target-date mutual funds, which seek to grow assets over a specific period of time, functioning as simple investment solutions to help finance life goals. Target-date funds address a capital need slated for a future date, such as retirement. Upon the approval of Securities and Exchange Commission, it will officially be launched to the investing public in January 2019.

During the launch, SLAMCI President Valerie Pama explained that, “Pursuing our financial goals is easier if we attach a target date to it. This helps us be more focused in our financial journey. The Achiever Funds can help in this regard.” She added, “Moreover, investors will no longer need to manually rebalance their portfolios themselves, because SLAMCI’s professional fund managers will adjust the asset allocations on their behalf.”

At the onset, these funds are invested in equities or stocks, which can potentially generate high returns. As the target date of each one approaches, SLAMCl’s professional fund managers will systematically move the assets of the funds to fixed income securities. The funds become less aggressive as their respective target dates near, ensuring that the investor will be able to preserve both the capital and the accumulated potential gains from the investment, and achieve his goals on time.


Sun Life Asset Management Strategic Development Head Maria Charina Fuentes enumerated the three options available for the Sun Life Prosperity Achiever Funds.

Prosperity Achiever Fund 2028

The Prosperity Achiever Fund 2028 is suitable for investors with a 10-year investment horizon and may be looking to enjoy proceeds through purchase of a car or set-up of a small business.

Prosperity Achiever Fund 2038

The Prosperity Achiever Fund 2038 is ideal for investors with a 20-year investment horizon. Ideal for those in their 30s or 40s, it is recommended for those who may be looking to prepare for cost of their child’s education or aiming to purchase a house.

Prosperity Achiever Fund 2048

The Prosperity Achiever Fund 2048 is the best choice for investors with a 30-year investment horizon. It will work well for those in their 20s or 30s, as it will enable them to invest for milestone purchases, or prepare for their retirement.

Keep in mind that the Prosperity Achiever Funds requires low minimum investment amount and is also available through various distribution channels and various modes of payment.

To know more about these funds, consult a Sun Life Financial Advisor, visit sunlifefunds.com, or call 849-9888.

Learn more about investments at https://www.sunlife.com.ph/PH/Investments.

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