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2City Technologies Inc. (2CT) is a business solution company. Its business is to provide management tools for our customers’ offline and online business and help them seamlessly manage both. A start-up business, 2CT offers comprehensive business management. 

For our first product, “Züuki”, our goal is to build an online marketplace for products and services and offer proprietary, omnicommerce solutions.

The name "Zuuki", pronounced as zu-ki', comes from the Filipino word "Suki", which means loyal or frequent customers. It has unique features and services that you will not find in any other website, providing a quality shopping experience for both buyers and sellers.

For the Sellers, they will be able to streamline their processes and centralize their data by using an all-in-one platform so that will never miss an opportunity to make a sale, online or offline as the buyers experience seamless and hassle-free shopping. Zuuki aims to give to the sellers the sense of ownership and full control of their business. 

With Zuuki, sellers are provided with better tools to manage their business, including CRM, inventory, cross-platform integration, e-wallet, marketing, logistics, and payment system. Zuuki has partnered with established companies like Xpost for their fulfillment needs and Dragonpay as payment facility.

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